Three Title 1 Changes To Watch

No longer will county averages be used for all farms, instead values will be designated for irrigated and dryland acres. ( Farm Journal )

The House Ag Committee released their version of the 2018 farm bill on Thursday, which includes several changes to the Ag Risk Coverage (ARC) and Price Loss Coverage (PLC) programs. Here are three things to watch:

  1. Base Acre Update. Farms that have not been planted to a covered commodity since 2009 will be converted to unassigned base acres. No payments will be made on those acres, says Jim Wiesemeyer of Pro Farmer.
  2. Irrigated and Dryland Crops Will Be Treated Different in ARC.  The proposed bill requires the USDA Secretary to calculate separate revenues for dryland and irrigated crops, Wiesemeyer explains. “This is being done to reduce disparities in counties where a blended revenue was previously used.
  3. ARC Payments Will Be Based On Farm Location. Another change to the ARC program requires payments be based on the county of the physical location of the farm. Previous rules allowed payments to be based on the county where the farm records are kept. Wiesemeyer says both of these changes to the ARC program are intended to “deal with inequities” within the program.

In Friday’s episode of AgriTalk, Wiesemeyer joins Chip Flory and the Friday Free for All gang to talk about the House draft of the farm bill. Listen below.