Three Steps to Become a Precision Farmer

Where will farmers go with technology in the decades ahead? ( MGN )

You keep hearing about precision farming and you’re likely taking advantage of the new capabilities in tractors or combines—but are you getting the full benefit? Erich Eller, with ForeFront Ag Solutions, offers a few easy steps to help you make the most out of today's technology and the technology you might already have on-farm.

  1. Have soils mapped. This is a more detailed test than sending core sample. Work with someone who has sensor technology for detail maps that are more accurate than you can find from the county.
  2. Use clean data. Work with someone that understands how to bring in some foundational info and clean up past data.
  3. Implement your findings. If you don’t trust the sensor and the data, don’t bother going down this road.

“Even if you don’t have the equipment to do precision application today, do it, you will upgrade equipment down the road and boom, you’re down the road,” Eller, who is also a presenter at Farm Journal's AgTech Expo, says. “I have guys who see what upgrades to equipment can do to make them more efficient, so they can justify buying it”