Think About This: When Uncertainty Is Certain

On the morning I am writing this, while I ate  my cereal, I scrolled through our President’s Twitter feed. The ongoing trade tensions with China are top of mind for everyone in agriculture. And unfortunately, the tensions add a great deal of uncertainty to an already rocky growing season. 

In mid-May, J.P. Morgan analyst Ann Duignan sent a note to investors saying the fundamentals of agriculture are “rapidly deteriorating.” Duignan says three factors are driving her observation: declining exports, a poor crop of corn and soybeans and the trade war with China.

What does this mean for ag retailers? Throughout May, the top trending stories on were about the slow-starting planting season and trade with China. And when our next magazine issue hits your mailbox, your customers will be closing in on the final days to make a prevent plant decision. With spring insurance prices of $4 for corn and $9.54 for soybeans, Jamie Wasemiller with the Gulke Group says, along with the bearish nature of futures prices moving forward, the premiums provided by prevent plant could be close to or even higher than profits from producing a crop on those acres.

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