Think About A Summertime Sulfur Source

This strip trial contrasts SO4 (sulfur) on the left vs no sulfur on the right. ( Calcium Products )

Andrew Hoiberg with Calcium Products encourages retailers and farmers to consider sulfur in their sidedressing or topdressing pass. 

“This year there has been a push to get as many acres planted as we can before it’s too late. And people are also looking for application windows wherever they can to catch up on skipped applications dating back to last fall,” he says. 

Hoiberg is the company’s vice president of research and development and explains Calcium Products’ pelletized gypsum, SO4, can be applied after planting and provides flexibility in terms of application timing since it can be spread through corn growth stage V7 and beyond (if necessary). 

“Our product provides a strong and steady sulfur release pattern, and with a little bit of moisture, we can get a response in corn in as little as five or six days,” Hoiberg says. “Ammonium sulfate releases very quickly and is prone to leaching, so you’re not sure if sulfur is available to the plant all  season long. And with our product, there’s no risk of crop injury.” 

Hoiberg says he’s expecting to see many sulfur deficient crops this year because of the cool wet spring. 

“If it’s cool and wet, the microorganisms are sluggish. We expect to see plants both nitrogen and sulfur deficient this summer because those nutrients tend to me more mobile in the soil,” he says. “We recommend the standard rate of 17 to 25 units of sulfur be applied.” 

He also says he expects to see an uptick in the amount of sulfur topdressed this year.    

“With many acres left unapplied this past fall and spring, applying sulfur in a topdress application gives retailers and growers another opportunity to get it to the plant.”