Is There Enough Year-Round E15 To Supply Demand?

Ethanol Demand
E85 Pumps ( Charles Johnson )

In April, President Donald Trump announced his administration could allow for the sale of E15 all year long.

If this cheaper alternative to gasoline is allowed to be sold year-round, David Hudak, general manager of POET Biorefining, said ethanol is ready to take it on.

Each year, POET produces 1.8 billion gallons of ethanol in seven states, according to Hudak. With more than 200 biofuels facilities across the country, he has no doubts on supplying the demand.

Of the 1,300 gas stations that supply E15, Hudak said they will offer it more quickly than stations that need to build infrastructure to provide it, and retailers need to be engaged in the process.

“Once those retailers come onboard, and then we get thousands of thousands of stations, then you’ll see the product fly,” he said on AgDay. 

Currently E15 is banned during the summer months because of the belief it contributes to smog.

Will consumers end up purchasing E15? Hear Hudak’s thoughts on AgDay above.