TerrAvion Adds Partners; Aims to Quadruple Delivery

Imagery company TerrAvion announces it has integrated its products with multiple platforms, including annnouncements with FarmLogs, Agrian, and EFC Systems.

“These partnerships create solutions for agronomist and grower pairs that makes it easy for them to take action and get value from those decisions,” says Robert Moriss, CEO and founder of TerrAvion.

Morris says the company is forecasting to quadruple the volume of imagery delivered this year compared with 2018.

“Agronomists are seeing the value for themselves and their growers. It saves them time and lets them do a better job,” he says. “The potential of digital agronomy is being able to demonstrate the exact ROI.”

He cites examples of agronomists being able to deliver new inputs because they can track the results with growers. Also he says one-third of all pivots have a problem, and those can be identified and resolved in a timely manner using the TerrAvion product.

Earlier this year, TerrAvion announced another development with its product—a new mobile app with expanded features.