Tech Platform Links Fields, Equipment, Markets, Traceability and More

With its second generation product, AGI SureTrack introduces its Farm 2.0 platform with five key features: 

  • Fields
  • Equipment
  • Markets
  • Day-to-Day
  • Traceability

David Duncan, product manager for SureTrack Farm, says the improvements were based on voice of customer surveys and other customer feedback which was then melded with the product road map. 

Duncan explains this is a relaunch for the product on a new technology platform that can provide all the features needed for these updates, including the 3-d visualizations provided by SureTrack Farm. He says almost three-fourths of their users were accessing the application via a smartphone or tablet, so an important part of this relaunch was making sure everything was mobile first. 

SureTrack became a product for AGI with the acquisition of IntelliFarms just over a year ago.

With this second generation product, AGI is also integrating a product partnership they launched with Farmobile using its PUC devices to do in-field tracking. In the Field view, users can see each pass through the field, application/seeding rates, and scroll through time to view histories pass-by-pass. 

The company is working with CDMS to integrate their database of more than 6,000 crop inputs. 

Anything with a GPS can be integrated including: weather stations, soil moisture probes, grain bins, tractors and combines. The platform aims to integrate more and more automatic data integration, but for now, there are some manual data input required. Automatic data comes from: The Farmobile PUC device, AGI SureTrack's FieldDataManager and soil probes capture field and machine data.

The company sees this as an opportunity to unite field data with bin/storage data for opportunities with sustainability and traceability programs. Every load from a bin is assigned a ticket, and every load can be traced back through the storage and production process.

The SureTrack Farm 2.0 product includes updates to the grain storage features including 3-D visualizations of grain quality, starch content, moisture and more. Farmers can use a playback feature to watch how the grain condition changed over time. 

Duncan says in the development of this new product, the team was focused on making it easy and quick for users to check on and ensure the condition of their grain in just minutes. 

This farmer-facing product integrates with SureTrack Pro—the product used by grain buyers and advisers. Farmer account holders can select users and assign specific permissions for what data from the platform they can access. 

The AGI SureTrack Farm has an annual subscription flat rate, and adding hardware sensors is an additional cost, based on number of units (per bin, per soil probe, etc.)