Syngenta Sues Atticus for Patent Infringement

Syngenta alleges that Atticus’ Acadia 2SC, Acadia ESQ, Aquila XL, Artavia 2 SC and Artavia Xcel product each infringe their patents relating to manufacturing azoxystrobin fungicide. The complaint is filed in U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of North Carolina.

The company says Atticus’ infringement allows them to unfairly compete in the crop protection market by taking advantage of product development investments made by Syngenta.

Atticus released a statement saying Atticus had counsel previously reach out to Syngenta to confirm products were not infringing on any patents. 

“Contrary to Syngenta's allegations, the azoxystrobin products from Atticus do not infringe on Syngenta’s narrow process patents,” Atticus CEO Randy Canady said in a news release. “Any allegation to the contrary is false, and Atticus will vigorously defend itself in court and in the marketplace.” 

If the lawsuit is successful for the plaintiff, it will permanently stop Atticus’s infringement, recover damages to compensate Syngenta for the infringement and obtain other monetary and equitable awards.

Azoxystrobin is a fungicide that control a variety of plant diseases, which ultimately benefits yield. It’s used in barley, wheat, fruits, vegetables, bananas, rice, soybeans, corn, turf and ornamentals. Syngenta’s branded azoxystrobin products include Abound Heritage, Quadris and Quilt.