Syngenta introduces Quilt Xcel fungicide

To supply cereal growers with effective solutions for disease protection, Syngenta introduces Quilt Xcel fungicide to the cereals market. This longer-lasting, broader-spectrum fungicide will control yield-robbing diseases in wheat, barley and triticale. As the next evolution of elite systemic fungicides containing the Power of Two industry-leading brands, Quadris and Tilt fungicides, Quilt Xcel provides both curative and greater preventive disease control to optimize Plant Performance.

Available for the 2012 season, this powerful formulation will offer growers increased levels of azoxystrobin, a respiratory inhibitor that prevents energy production in fungal cells, and systemic-xylem mobility for better protection.

"Syngenta is excited to add Quilt Xcel to the Quilt brand family tree. Rampant stripe rust in 2010 and 2011 verified the need for an effective fungicide like Quilt Xcel that can defend cereal crops against fungal diseases, and especially safeguard the valuable flag leaf. The two modes of action in Quilt Xcel help ensure resistance management, while supplying premium disease protection," said Andrew Fisher, fungicide asset lead, Syngenta.

Quilt Xcel supplies excellent flag leaf defense when applied between Feekes Growth Stages 8 and 10.5, and helps ensure maximum grain fill and grower profit. The added Plant Performance benefits allow cereal crops to better use the sun's energy, increase water-use efficiency and extend grain fill as the final step in optimizing yields. In turn, growers can minimize worries about late disease infections.

"The Plant Performance benefits in Quilt Xcel enable cereal crops to uniformly fill kernels and prevent disease-related crop loss for growers. Research has also indicated better test weights," Fisher added.

With Quilt Xcel, cereal growers will benefit from an elite performing fungicide, which offers an effective solution to threatening yield-robbers like rusts, powdery mildew, tan spot and Septoria. Through optimized Plant Performance activity and premium disease control, Quilt Xcel is designed to help cereal growers achieve quality crops and maximum yields.


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