Syngenta Expands Genomic Research With Collaboration

Technology has vastly increased the choices when it comes to molecular breeding for crop traits. But how do you narrow-down the options to the best choices?

Syngenta recently announced a deal with NRGene, a genomics-to-breeding solution provider, using the GenoMAGIC data analytics platform. The platform enables high-performance molecular breeding.

The companies have reached a multi-year collaboration agreement, after Syngenta completed  a one-year trial on GenoMAGIC. In testing, the company found it enabled the identification and comparison of genetic makeup of large populations of subjects to select only the best candidates for breeding.

“Based on this one-year trial, we are confident that NRGene’s analytical platform is the optimal tool to support our genomics-based, molecular breeding pipeline,” said Stuart Harrison, head technology integration, Syngenta global seeds research, in a recent press release. “We are excited to expand the collaboration using GenoMAGIC in maize.”

Syngenta will also decode the full genomic makeup of dozens of commercial crop varieties using DeNovoMAGICTM-3 software to expand the application of genomics in breeding, gene editing and other genetic research projects.

The GenoMAGIC tool integrates the large amount of available genomic data to provide immediate access and insight for breeders.