Syngenta debuts color-coded packaging for Bioline biological control agents

Syngenta has introduced new packaging labels for its entire line of Bioline biological control agents to provide growers with greater clarity and detail on important product information. Growers will now find it easier to identify which pests each product controls and the suitable crops for application.
New product labels feature unique colors identifying which pests each biological control agent helps control. The labels also include simplified instructional graphics and a QR code, so growers can quickly access additional technical information on each product.
"Because space on packaging labels is limited, it is important that we communicate to growers as clearly and concisely as possible, says Ronald Valentin, Syngenta technical lead for Bioline. "These label enhancements will help growers understand exactly how, when and where to use each product as well as clear direction for storage.
The new labels are color-coded as follows:
  • Green: aphid control
  • Red: two-spotted spider mite control
  • Lilac: thrips control
  • Blue: whitefly control
  • Orange: various pest control
  • Grey: pheromone lures and insect food for the biological control agents
In addition to the label redesign, Amblyline™ cal biological control agent has been renamed Californiline to differentiate it from the Amblyline family. Californiline controls two-spotted spider mites, while Amblyline controls thrips. Product suffixes have been streamlined as well to help growers clearly differentiate species, formulations and packaging. For example, biological control agents packaged in Gemini sachets will have "Gemini in the product name.
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