SulfurMax Available Via Midwestern Retailers

The makers of Gypsoil are marketing SulfurMax, which is a pelletized fertilizer aiming to provide early and late season sulfur, via retailers across the Midwest. 

SulfurMax contains the fast-acting sulfate sulfur source found in gypsum and combines that with elemental sulfur, which is slower-acting. 

The company says its suited for fall or spring application and says that SulfurMax is 30% sulfur and supplies 47% of its sulfur in the early part of the growing season and 53% during the later timeframe.

“Crops are especially in need of sulfur in the spring during early plant growth and again later in the season during rapid plant growth, fruiting and seed production.” Ron Chamberlain, agronomist and spokesperson for Beneficial Reuse Management said in a product release. “The roughly equal amount of sulfur supplied by sulfate and elemental sulfur sources in SulfurMax is the ideal blend for early and late use sulfur.”

The company says the product provides retailers who are in its distribution network a differentiation point and competitive advantage. 

SulfurMax is manufactured at the Beneficial Reuse Management company facility in Winona, Minn. 

Its pelletized form provides for easier handling and blending, and the product could be considered as a replacement to sulfur options such as ammonium sulfate or elemental sulfur.