Studies show millennials love food

Consumer research firm Maru/Matchbox, Toronto, Ontario, conducted a survey of millennials on food-related habits within the food market, finding they provide free advertising to products they love through social media.

The study found that 60% of millennials post to social media while shopping for food, and 69% post when they're about to eat.

They also found that millennials are more likely to enjoy cooking than previous generations, with 64% considering themselves to be "experts in the kitchen."

The millennial focus on food will increase in 2017, with more than half of millennials planning to cook at home more often, compared to one in four baby boomers.

Millennials are also willing to spend more money for "premium features," such as food that is organic, locally sourced and not genetically modified. The study said 61% of millennials expect their premium foods to be GMO free, 54% expect them to be locally sourced and 57% expect them to be sustainably sourced.

Purchasing food that is organic and natural makes millennials feel responsible and health-conscious, according to the study, so they are more likely to buy these products.

Food doesn't need to be purchased at a physical location, either, with 43% of millennials surveyed saying they would buy all of their food online if they could, supporting the current trends toward e-commerce.