Stoltzfus unveils BMS-2020XL with 700-cubic-foot hopper

The new BMS-2020XL from Stoltzfus Spreaders has a 700-cubic-foot hopper that is 70 cubic feet larger than any comparable equipment in the agricultural industry.

The massive, high-capacity spreader holds up to 20 tons and distributes such low-density materials as poultry litter, beet lime, fertilizer blends and potash, and it also spreads stockpiled lime. 

The BMS-2020XL debuts at Penn State Ag Progress Days in Pennsylvania Furnace, Aug. 18-20, West 6th Street.

 "The BMS-2020XL joins our 400-cubic-foot BMS-2020 to give operators of 1,000-plus acre farms the high capacity needed for less reloading and more spread time in the field, said Bernard Hershberger, owner and president of Stoltzfus spreaders.  "That translates to increased production and reduced costs.

 It's the biggest, toughest spinner spreader on the market, with the versatility for precision distribution of low-density materials, the ruggedness to handle wet lime and the strength to perform reliably for decades, Hershberger added.

The BMS-2020XL steep 53-degree hopper side slopes, 30-inch slat-style drag chain and drop pan design prevent bridging, enabling correct and consistent material flow, Hershberger said.  A pair of twin-pinion, hydraulically driven gearboxes and a hardened carbon steel driveshaft double the power to break out loads and stop binding caused by extreme weights and varying materials.

A fully welded walking beam suspension with a structural steel tubular frame handles stresses from 20-ton loads with ease, whether on flat ground or rolling hills.  Two 24-inch spinners are top driven, isolating the drives from corrosive chemicals and the shock of material pounding on their disks.

The BMS-2020XL comes with the industry's only fully welded unibody construction that reduces flexing, cracking, joint stresses and loosening.  Other standards include self-contained hydraulics with a PTO-driven pump that reduce strain on tractor hydraulics, and a 65-gallon hydraulic oil tank that eliminates the need for oil coolers.

The BMS-2020XL is priced at $60,900 and offers a full list of options, including a roll top tarp, variable rate ready package, corner pockets for sideboards, shredder, 304 stainless steel hopper and a low rate fertilizer kit.

Headquartered in Morgantown, Pa., Stoltzfus Spreaders has been supplying global agricultural markets for 70 years, longer than any independent agricultural equipment company in America.  All products are made in the U. S. A.


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