Steve Watts On The Scoop Podcast: Filter Out the Noise

Just before he enters the next season of his life in retirement, Steve Watts joins Margy Eckelkamp on the podcast to share insightful lessons for ag retailers.

Ideas he shares include: 

  • Neither growth nor profits are sufficient by themselves to sustain a business
  • Ag retailers must steadily refresh their value propositions
  • Avoid the shiny object/silver bullet syndrome

Watts worked in ag retail for 38 and has been consulting in the industry for the past eight years. His roles have ranged from branch manager to co-founding the CCA program. He's currently working with the Farrell Growth Group. 

Three of the top trends he's watching for how they will reshape the industry: 

  • consolidation
  • precision ag, and the services that will be table stakes for success
  • digitization of the business, and the industry's longer term response to e-commerce