Spray Paint and Watch Corn Grow

Spray painting corn can help you see how quickly the plant is growing. ( Pioneer Field Agronomist Ryan Bates )

When you walk near corn fields you might hear a familiar snapping noise. It could be the wind, but at this time of rapid growth you could literally be hearing corn grow.

It seems like overnight corn does from 4” to head-high, but how fast does it really grow? Pioneer Field Agronomist Ryan Bates decided to see for himself by using a unique measuring tool—spray paint.

*Use slider below to see before and after*Use the slider to see before and after

In response to his Tweet, several others shared their methods for tracking corn growth, one such method is using a marker on the growing point, see below:

Here is Bate’s original Tweet, be sure to check out the responses for more creative ideas you might be able to use to track corn growth on your farm.