Soygreen Granular Via Air Seeder App Fights Iron Deficiency Chlorosis

Soygreen Granular is a new formulation joins the West Central Soygreen iron-chelated fertilizer line. This product line was first launched 14 years ago to help plants in soils that were prone for iron deficiency chlorosis (IDC). The product provides iron in a soluble form for uptake by the plant, and the new Soygreen Granular is developed for the air seeder market.

West Central claims the introduction of Soygreen Granular creates the first, and only, iron-chelated fertilizer option for growers who use air seeders to plant soybeans. It also provides retailers and growers all the benefits they have come to expect from Soygreen the proven market leader in battling IDC. Soygreen includes the highest percentage of ortho-ortho chelated iron and water-soluble iron and when applied during planting, it increases the plant’s access to the necessary levels of iron levels they need for healthy development throughout their growth cycle.