Soybeans Rise Despite Uncertainty

Soybean Unknowns 071919
Guaranteed extra income could push conventional growers to make the switch ( Darrell Smith )

Soybean prices rallied on Friday following news from China it is seeing a slow down in the spread of African Swine Fever. November soybean futures at the CME Group in Chicago surging $.20 to end the week at $9.19. 

During a conversation on AgDay recently, Tyne Morgan asked Brian Doherty of Stewart-Peterson about the soybean crop and the many unknowns buried beneath the market.  

"There's a lot of uncertainty and yet the US has ample carryover inventory," says Doherty. "The world has ample inventory even though this African Swine Fever is a concern yet."

Click on the video hear Doherty's thoughts on the current status of soybean prices.