Sony Partners With Syngenta

A tractor planting crops in a field. ( Daniel Acker, Bloomberg )

Because of a new partnership, Syngenta will offer its agronomists Sony’s Smart Agriculture Solution. This program provides enhanced capabilities for crop scouting and real-time decision making.

In 2019, Syngenta will offer this to select retailers and agronomists. The program will be integrated with FarmShots, also owned by the company. Agronomists who use the Smart Agriculture solution will be have access to sensing and processing technology that captures images and data simultaneously—all without an internet connection.

The new offering using a drone-mounted dual sensor camera, uses sensor fusion and fast-stitching technology to generate whole-field maps. Syngenta worked with Sony to adapt the Smart Agriculture Solution to communicate with FarmShots seamlessly.

“We are pleased to be able to offer an end-to-end solution leveraging our compelling technology to meet the needs of the agriculture industry by increasing efficiency and productivity,” said Bruce Tanaka, general manager of new segment department, professional production and solutions group at Sony, in a recent press release. “We will continue to further enhance this solution by working closely with partners like Syngenta with their industry knowledge and experience, as well as end users.”