Snap A Photo, Estimate Corn Yield

Corn ears on plant during harvest ( Darrell Smith )

Pioneer is launching the “Pioneer Corn Yield Estimator” to help farmers gather corn yield estimates faster and with a high level of accuracy. The tool uses machine learning to analyze kernels quickly and estimate yield based on kernel count, stand count and kernels per bu.

Each sample requires a minimum number of pictures and angles and requires the husk silks to be removed (the ear doesn’t have to be removed from the stalk). The tool walks farmers through this process.

“The creation of this tool is part of Pioneer’s larger efforts to advance customer’s ability to improve management,” said Jeremy Groeteke, U.S. digital agriculture lead for Corteva Agriscience in a recent press release. “The goal of this app is to standardize the process for estimating yield from a single ear of corn and is part of our predictive agriculture effort.”

The company says Yield Estimator is the first of a more connected Pioneer digital ecosystem that includes Pioneer Seed mobile app and newly revamped

“We want farmers to have a connected experience, no matter how they are interacting with our brand, and we think these digital tools will provide that online experience,” said Julie Podey, digital communications manager at Corteva Agriscience.