Smart Agronomics Are Turning Into Smart Economics

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For retailers working with proactive and planning-minded growers, this isn’t rocket science.

First, you help your customers make plans for the next growing season based on all the data. Then you offer the crop protection inputs that give growers the best chance for maximum yields. And because of those smart decisions, your growers get handsomely rewarded in cash back.

It’s a simple case of turning what is smart agronomically for growers’ fields into cash that makes economic sense for bottom lines — both your growers’ bottom line and yours.

Grow Smart Rewards is BASF’s all-new program for 2018, designed to make it simpler for proactive farmers to work closely with you, along with crop consultants and BASF representatives, and not only get the most out of every acre, but get the most value back for their investment.

You could call it, “Money in the bin, money in the bank.”

For you, this means added incentives for your customers to purchase early and deepen their relationship with you throughout the season.

BASF has created a new offer to meet growers’ specific needs, fit their plans and provide some flexibility.

First, growers can pick and choose the best products for their crops from the BASF portfolio. Growers who make qualifying purchases can earn up to $4 per acre cash back. Qualifying purchases can come from a wide range of solutions, such as Armezon® PRO herbicide and Engenia® herbicide, together with fungicides, including Headline AMP® fungicide and Priaxor® fungicide.

Plus, growers who purchase Headline AMP fungicide and Priaxor fungicide will earn $75 per gallon cash back. As you have seen, and as more and more corn and soybean growers are experiencing, these two popular fungicide solutions deliver powerful control across a broad spectrum of diseases, along with proven Plant Health benefits like growth efficiency and stress tolerance.

When the best plans turn into smart purchases, the profits go to the growers and the added business goes to you.

You can view the full program details along with terms and conditions at

For more information about the program and about the BASF portfolio of products, talk with your BASF Business Representative.

Always read and follow label directions.
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