Simplot Forms Partnership for Advanced Advisor Platform

J.R. Simplot Co., announced it has entered into a partnership with Spensa Technologies Inc., an agriculture services company based in the Purdue Research Park of West Lafayette, to build the Simplot Advisor Platform.

Spensa’s precision agriculture technologies will power the Simplot Advisor Platform, which will be a component of Simplot’s SmartFarm. The platform will collect and analyze digital data for zone management, scouting, trapping and imagery while providing Simplot a way to enhance the portfolio of SmartFarm Precision Ag Services through the use of digital data as a tool to improve agronomic decision making.

"The launch of the Simplot Advisor Platform is truly a game changer for Simplot’s crop advisors, allowing them to take advantage of digital data as a tool to improve their decision making," said Johnny Park, founder and CEO of Spensa Technologies. "The team at Spensa has worked closely with the Simplot team to provide powerful tools that will serve as a force-multiplier for human decisions, allowing advisors to leverage their experience and expertise to better serve their growers. We are excited to see how the platform performs for Simplot in the coming years.”

From planting to harvest, Simplot SmartFarm provides insights, products and services intended to maximize farming operations. The real-time advanced technologies of Simplot’s SmartFarm, especially with the introduction of the new Simplot Advisor Platform, provide unique data that allows advisers to make fine-tuned adjustments with the goals of increasing yield and quality, improving profitability, and remaining environmentally responsible.

 “Our biggest challenge and most value-add has been to take the data generated from multiple sources and turn it into information that our growers can use to make informed decisions through real-time data consolidation, analytics, and decision support tools,” said Dave Dufault, vice president and general manager, Simplot Agribusiness Retail.