SeedWay introduces line of pollinator mixes

Seedway has introduced a line of Pollinator Mixtures to complement the Conservation Science Genetic lineup of cover crop mixtures.

Honey bees and other beneficial pollinators are responsible for the pollination of our crops and vegetables. With the decline in population of pollinators, it is our responsibility to help provide the habitat needed to ensure that the pollinators succeed.

Seedway has three pollinator mixtures available to help provide that beneficial habitat. SW-Annual Pollinator Mix is an annual mixture that provides not only open flower species to attract the pollinators; it has legumes to help build the soil of nutrients. The mixture is an excellent pollinator and cover crop mixture. Eastern Pollinator Mix contains a balanced blend of native annuals and perennials that provide nectar and pollen throughout the growing season. Monarch Butterfly Mixture is an annual and perennial mixture of flowers that will provide nectar to many species of butterflies.