Scout Recently Planted Cotton and Soybeans For Weed Escapes Carefully

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Dr. Larry Steckel, University of Tennessee Extension Weed Specialist, cautions that due to not receiving timely rains, some PRE herbicides were not activated. He encourages growers to get out and scout closely in order to make a timely POST application.

Palmer amaranth is best controlled with a POST application when small, no more than 4 inches tall. A few days can make big difference as Palmer amaranth grows 2-3 inches a day. He says growers won’t get as good control on Palmer amaranth 4 inches or taller no matter what herbicides they use. Learn more on scouting and post applications on the UT Crops Blog.

Growers can look to Cheetah herbicide as an option to use over the top of LibertyLink or glufosinate-tolerant crops for post-emergent control of tough weeds including Palmer amaranth and waterhemp. It is important to use at least 29 fluid ounces per acre and follow Dr. Steckel’s advice and apply on weeds that are 4 inches or less in height. Learn more


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