RoGators Add Drop Tube Kit

The AGCO RoGator AirMax Precision R1/R2 application system expands its options with a new drop tube kit. The kit allows cover crops and urea to be applied in-season with the same pass without blending thanks to the AirMax R2 independently metered twin bins.

“The new drop tubes expand the versatility of the AirMax Precision R1/R2, already the most accurate pneumatic fertilizer system in the industry,” David Fickel, tactical marketing manager for application equipment at AGCO said in a product release. “Now operators can place granular fertilizer between the rows in-season to feed the crop. This allows operators to follow the 4R’s of nutrient stewardship: the right rate, the right source, the right place, and the right time.”

The drop tube kit uses air delivery for accurate placement below the crop canopy—and away from the crop whorls. 

The UltraSpread low-speed, high-torque radial piston hydraulic motors of the AirMax precision system allow for high, low and variable rates to be accurately applied. The company says for example, in the same pass urea can be applied at 150 lb./acre while cover crop seed is applied at 20 lb./acre. Accuracy is ensured by the system being outfitted with sensors providing 250% more feedback than previous or competitive systems. 

The kit is currently available as an aftermarket option, and for a 70’ boom, it includes tubes for all 28 outlets, spaced at 30” off-center.