Retailers Eye Automation

An online poll from conducted in April reveals that almost half of respondents are looking for technology to help them get the job done. Of the 67 respondents participating in the poll, 46% named automation when answering this question: “What part of your facilities needs the greatest investment today?” 

“We definitely hear from ag retail customers that they are having issues finding and keeping good labor,” says Brian Sokoloski, a software sales team member at Kahler Automation. “Automation really shines at helping companies do more with the trusted and qualified labor force they have. They can gain a lot of efficiencies in an automated solution.” 

Sokoloski also points out that automation helps with inventory efficiencies by providing electronic reports and ensuring every order and every product are measured accurately.
The second and third most popular answers to the poll question involved storage. Fifteen respondents said their greatest need is expanded product storage, and 11 answered machinery maintenance and storage. 
The poll on AgPro’s homepage is updated every two weeks. Visit the site now to cast your vote on the latest question.