Repreve Renewables opens North Carolina processing center

Repreve Renewables, LLC

officially opened its North Carolina processing center on June 1. The new plant created eight full-time and 40 seasonal jobs. Repreve Renewables provides plant-based renewable solutions for the biomass market.

"The Wayne County Development Alliance (WCDA) was excited to partner with Repreve Renewable last year to become the first Wayne County industry to benefit from a new incentive policy recently approved by the Board of Commissioners," said Chuck Allen, Wayne County Development Alliance board chairman. "The WCDA looks forward to working with Repreve Renewable now that they are an existing Wayne County industry. We will do everything we can to help make sure Repreve RenewableS prospers in Wayne County.

They are a great company, a great asset to our community and we want to be sure they stay right here."

Repreve Renewable' primary crop is giant miscanthus, a high-yielding, low-input and drought tolerant perennial that improves soil and water quality. Giant miscanthus can be utilized as the feedstock for an array of industries, from poultry bedding to bioenergy and a variety of other commercial applications. Currently, Repreve Renewable has developed thousands of acres of production across the U.S., with a portion of its production focused on a new and innovative poultry bedding product. This renewable product is providing the poultry market with a purpose grown solution for improving the poultry production growing environment. The U.S. poultry market, consists of 8.5 billion chickens and 253 million turkeys raised annually. Agriculture is the number one industry in North Carolina, and poultry is the largest segment.

Bill Pate, Wayne County commissioner added, "We are certainly glad to have Repreve Renewable as a new industry in Wayne County.

Agriculture and agribusiness are at the heart of who we are as a county. Repreve Renewable' growing and manufacturing processes help our farmers, our poultry end users and our Wayne County workers. Repreve Renewable touches many aspects of our farming community, and we are glad they are here."

The ribbon-cutting event took place in Seven Springs N.C., and featured remarks from Hedrick, Allen and Pate.