Registration Still Open For ARA Management Academy

The philosophy at the Purdue Center for Food and Agricultural Business stresses the importance of each attendee returning to work with clear thoughts around how they can improve the performance of their business, as well as facilitate change in their sphere of influence.

At the opening of the ARA Management Academy, faculty prompts the class members for their expectations, in terms of outcomes for attending the program. Participants are then provided a learning pyramid to assist their thinking through discussions during each session of the program.

Participants follow a worksheet during each class, recording their ideas, as well as perspectives from their colleagues. By the conclusion of the academy, attendees complete a final exercise: driving to implications - what actions shall I take? Participants identify two or three actions, define success, and create a timeline of activities. We ask that they submit at least one of their actionable ideas to the Purdue University team. The goal is to assist attendees to manage with greater impact when they return to work. Learn more...

Register online.

ARA members receive a special rate of $2,495. The rate for non-members is $2,695.


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Submitted by Anton Visov on Sat, 04/21/2018 - 02:57

With tuning everything is more complicated. First, you can change the characteristics of the machine directly on the move (but not during the task) - for example, to change the sensitivity of the steering wheel or downforce. Such simple changes allow you to customize the car for yourself for certain purposes. Secondly, in the garage and workshops it is possible to replace one of the six key parts, each of which can be of a certain quality. The same spare parts affect the final level of the car, which ranges from 100 to 400. In each story task, the player is carefully warned if the level and class of his chosen car is suitable for this race. However, especially trust these figures is not necessary - as practice shows, often you can easily win even on the car a dozen levels lower. But not always.

Sometimes there is a situation where there is no money for a new car, and spare parts for the already existing ones are still not enough to compete on an equal footing with other racers. Of such a dead end, there are only two ways out, and they are unlikely to appeal to players. The first one is a banal "grind" of all available races, where there is a chance to win (the benefit of the already completed tasks is available for repeated races), because the first place is given not only money, but also a random key detail. The second way is even more interesting - to open all your favorite lootboxes. Then you and currency, and tokens for spare parts (three tokens give you the opportunity to get one random key part), and the spare parts themselves. Only here is the trouble - lutboks, as we know, are worth the money, and the real ones, and those boxes with the good that are given for free, by itself, are not enough.

Choose Y8 games racer, - or pay, or go in the same races time after time. It seems that the average player will choose the third way - do not play it at all, but wait for something more interesting.

There was a ghostly hope for multiplayer, but there everything is not so smooth. "Matchmaking" does not hesitate to throw in a race car with a large difference in levels, so to win the network game again have to return to the "farm" details.