Real-life experience with Pivot Bio PROVEN™

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Based on excerpts from the article, Proof of Pivot Bio PROVEN™, by Andrew McCrea; Farmer/rancher and Farm Journal TV and radio personality and A Master Storyteller

Pivot Bio PROVEN has been used and tested throughout the Midwest. Some corn growers who used Pivot Bio PROVEN in previous years reduced the amount of synthetic fertilizer used on their crops, allowing them to achieve the same or better yields while reducing the cost of nitrogen. Some others used Pivot Bio PROVEN in addition to the nitrogen they already applied and found a yield increase that more than paid for the product. 

I’m currently putting Pivot Bio PROVEN to the test on my own plot and plan to observe plant health throughout the growing cycle. We can’t irrigate our fields, so we often encounter periods of weather stress during the season. This brings up the clear question of: Will the plants in the Pivot Bio PROVEN plot show better color and growth because of the steady supply of nitrogen provided by the microbes on the corn’s roots? We’ll evaluate this visually, by drone imagery and also by doing a root dig. We will monitor yields at harvest, as well.
We’re excited to see the end results and look forward to sharing everything we find. If you have an interest in following our trial, I post notes about our test plot on the Farming the Countryside page on Facebook, where you can see photos and updates. You can also read more about my Pivot Bio PROVEN test plots here. 


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