Rain...Enough Already

Farm Sense Rain 053119
Farm Sense with Clinton Griffiths ( Farm Journal )

COMMENTARY:  Alright, I think its time to have a heart to heart. No, not with you, with that beautiful dame we call Mother Nature. See I can be nice. We get it!! You can make it rain.  Alright, great job and point taken.

Being a kid from the southwest, we never, and I mean never, talk bad about the rain. When you grow up in a semi-arid desert every single drop counts. Rains were few and when they did arrive, generally, the entire year's rainfall fell at once.  

This year I'm really, really close to over it, and I bet you are, too. This isn't anything I've ever witnessed in my lifetime. My fields are flooded and Indiana is historically way behind in planting. I've only seen 1 planter running all spring and there's only one field with anything growing.
It's nearly June and we've got weeks worth of work to do if...if fields ever dry out. As of May 26th, we still had 99 million acres left to plant to corn and soybeans and we're now at the slowest pace on record. The next closest was back in 1995 with 70 million left. This year is unprecedented.

Then there's the flooding along the Mississippi, the Missouri and now the Arkansas River where houses and farms are underwater.
I have family near Muskogee, Oklahoma and they're having to get their groceries delivered via boat. Once all of this water does recede, then we must go about the business of fixing the things that are broken or missing.

In the last six year's we've gone from record droughts to record wet which I guess that just makes this decade average. I've never talked bad about the rain but this year I've had to bite my tongue.

Those of us in Agriculture like to talk about the weather and there's been enough to fill a Dickens' novel.  I think what burns the most is the fact that even with all of the field tile, the levees, the locks, the irrigation, inputs and seed technology we still can't overcome the power of nature.  It's an incredible force with little regard for our livelihoods or wishes.

Which is why maybe its time to get back to things we can control, you know, like trade wars and Washington.