Putting Pivot Bio PROVEN™ to the Test

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Based on excerpts from the article, Proof of Pivot Bio PROVEN, by Andrew McCrea; Farmer/rancher and Farm Journal TV and radio personality and A Master Storyteller

As a farmer who’s interested in emerging technology, I decided to plant a Pivot Bio PROVEN test plot this year on my northwest Missouri farmland. Our operation, however, does not currently use starter fertilizer, so lack of the necessary equipment on our planter to apply Pivot Bio PROVEN became one hurdle we needed to address. So, to do this product evaluation, I asked my neighbor, who has starter-fertilizer tanks on his planter, to come and put in our plot.

Our test plot contains three sets of trial conditions to watch, one of which includes Pivot Bio PROVEN. The entire test plot (all three trial conditions) received 125 pounds of anhydrous ammonia.

  • First trial: We planted corn with no other inputs or amendments. 
  • Second trial: We planted corn, which also received seven gallons per acre of 10-34-0 starter fertilizer, in-furrow (which our neighbor planted for us). 
  • Third trial: Pivot Bio PROVEN™ was applied in-furrow with the 10-34-0 starter fertilizer.

We planted the corn in the test plot on May 9th. The Pivot Bio PROVEN slogan — “The nitrogen that stays put, weather or not”— was put to the test six days after planting when we received 3 1/2 inches of rain in a two-hour period. Root digs and aerial imagery from a drone will assist our in-season decision-making. I am eager to see how Pivot Bio PROVEN performs alongside our other corn. 

If you’re interested in our progress and results, we invite you to follow along on our Farming the Countryside page on Facebook. You can also find out more about my test plots using Pivot Bio PROVEN by clicking here. 


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