Proven Protection Against Some of the Toughest Weeds

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Panther Pro is the first liquid three-way combination of flumioxazin, metribuzin and imazethapyr. Labeled for pre-plant and pre-emerge use on soybeans, it helps keep fields clean with long-lasting residual activity. Panther Pro provides excellent control of marestail, waterhemp, common ragweed and more. See the details for yourself.

Results from the field.

Research trials conducted on no-till soybeans at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign showed the outstanding performance of a burndown plus residual herbicide program featuring Spitfire, Credit Xtreme and Panther Pro.  Dr. Bob Bruss, Nufarm Director of R&D, North America, walks us through the program, showing the very clean plots.

Panther Pro complements burndown herbicides.

In the trials, burndown herbicides Spitfire* and Credit Xtreme were applied pre-plant, and Panther Pro was also applied pre-plant or as a sequential application pre-emerge. Credit Xtreme was applied post on each. Each of these programs demonstrated top performance and results you can see

  • Pre-plant: Spitfire 2 pt/A + CX 22 oz/A+ Panther Pro 15 oz/A rate
  • Spitfire 2 pt/A + CX 22 oz/A; Pre-emerge: Panther Pro 15 oz/A rate
  • Spitfire 2 pt/A + CX 22 oz/A; Pre-emerge: Panther Pro 12 oz/A rate

*Spitfire at a 32 oz (2 pt/A) rate has demonstrated proven control of many difficult broadleaf weeds in burndown, pre-plant applications. Spitfire’s systemic mode of action “burns through” weeds too large for contact herbicides to control. Closer to planting, lower rates of Spitfire also provide excellent systemic control of smaller weeds. When applied at the 20 oz (1.5 pt/A) rate, Spitfire only requires ½ inch of rainfall, followed by a 7-day waiting interval before planting soybeans.


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