Pro Farmer Crop Tour West Preliminary Route Report - Day 1

Pro Farmer Crop Tour ( Lindsey Pound )

Preliminary Route Report

Scout name: Mark Bernard, eastern tour consultant
What counties (with state and district) have you sampled from?
Ohio: Delaware, Marion (Crop District 5), Wyandot (2), Hardin (4), Allen, Putnam, Paulding (1)
Indiana: Allen (3)

Corn yield range: 80 bpa to 177 bpa
Corn yield average: 125 bpa

Soybean pod count range (in 3’x3’): 935 pods to 2,080 pods
Soybean pod count average: 1,430 pods

Please share a few comments from your route:

The corn has been really variable. When we got into areas that received rains, yield potential picked up, but in areas where rain has been sparse, we saw several 80 bu. type yields.

On soybeans, the pod counts ranged widely, but the average is pretty good. If they get some rain and in areas that have received rain, it looks like pods could still fill. But they need to keep getting rains. The only fly in the ointment is some one and two bean pods.

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