Pro Farmer and Farmobile Launch Index-Based Harvest Report

Harvest in west central Missouri ( Sonja Begemann )

Pro Farmer, a division of Farm Journal, announced today that it has entered into a multi-year relationship with Farmobile and the two companies will jointly release the Pro Farmer Harvest Report powered by the Farmobile Index. The weekly updated report is announced following the recent Pro Farmer Crop Tour with attention shifting to how crops finish through harvest.
Pro Farmer is the leading subscription-based market advisory firm in agriculture and has operated the acclaimed Pro Farmer Crop Tour for 28 years. Crop Tour deploys scouts fanning out across seven midwestern states to physically sample corn and soybean fields during a key period in the growing season and informs Pro Farmer’s widely followed yield estimates. Farmobile specializes in collecting real-time agronomic and machine data through its proprietary Farmobile PUC collection devices, which are installed by farmers and ag retailers on equipment to enable access to insights previously locked inside machines and fields. Together, through the Pro Farmer Harvest Report and a shared focus on operating for the benefit of farmers, the companies will provide an unmatched and ground-truthed perspective on 2020 and future crops.
“The Pro Farmer Crop Tour has become an institution in agriculture,” said Joel Jaeger, Pro Farmer President and General Manager. “We’re excited to extend the perspectives from our boots-on-the-ground tour throughout the harvest season by teaming with Farmobile on the Pro Farmer Harvest Report. This partnership will allow us to bring weekly insights based on farmer-sourced and straight-from-the-field data as combines begin to roll.”
Daily, aggregated, state-by-state harvest results are available to Farmobile subscribers and on a weekly snapshot basis to Pro Farmer members. For additional information or to subscribe contact [email protected]. The Pro Farmer Harvest Report will be updated and discussed throughout the harvest season on Agri-Talk radio and other Farm Journal properties by Jason Tatge, CEO of Farmobile, and Crop Tour leads Brian Grete, Jeff Wilson and Chip Flory.
“We created the daily Farmobile Index for our farmer-users to begin to benchmark their results and bridge the gap in data reporting that currently exists in ag,” said Tatge. “The Pro Farmer Harvest Report is designed to give farmers a weekly report of straight-from-the-machine harvest progress as it happens. We’ve partnered with Pro Farmer because they understand the power of ground-truthed data — especially during harvest — and want to share that with their members and others who follow Crop Tour to power decision making on the farm.”