President Talks China Trade During Speech

Trump Speaks at AFBF 011519
China trade ( MGN Image )

President Trump addressing the National Farm Bureau Convention in New Orleans on Monday saying trade deals are going to give America's farmers a lot of business. 
During his speech to the 100th annual convention of the American Farm Bureau, President speaking about border security and his request for funding for a border wall.  The debate over it remains the catalyst behind the current partial government shutdown now the longest in history.

The President also saying he wants to make it easier for farm workers to get into the country and he hit on highlights of policy changes under his administration that have impacted farmers including trade with China and other countries.

"We've taken the toughest actions ever to confront China's unfair trade practices that hurt American farmers and ranchers," said President Trump. "This includes China's theft of trade secrets from American agribusiness."

The President says he's learning how complex agriculture is given current technology.

"I couldn't believe how complicated your business is with the seeds and the genetic farming," says President Trump. "People don't know this, but your secrets were being stolen by China and in all fairness other countries."

The President says current negotiations have a specific goal. 

"We want a fair deal for American farmers removing China's arbitrary bans on agricultural imports, safeguarding our intellectual property and providing fair market access to all American producers."