Prepare Yourself for a Colder than Normal November

USFR 11/02/19 - Weather
Shots of cold air all month means November could end up being colder than normal. ( Mike Hoffman )

The start to November is proving to be a mixed bag. While some areas of the country are seeing mild temperatures, others are seeing more cold. Mike Hoffman says that could be a pattern the U.S. faces all month.

“Definitely a cold pattern for the northern tier os states, except for the far northwest," says Hoffman giving his forecast for the start of the week.  “Each time one of these pieces of energy comes through, it brings another shot of cold air.”

He says shots of cold air will continue to work its way across the country all week, with that pattern playing out for consecutive weeks. 

“There are signs that we might see a day or two of milder temperatures," says Hoffman. "When we go zonal like this, you do warm things up, but we’ll see, the models have been going back and forth on this."

Hoffman says by the time we enter Wednesday, the front will bring a lot of cold air, as well as some moisture. The moisture will be in the form of both snow and rain for the mid section of the country. 

By Friday, however, Hoffman says it will be downright cold for some areas. 

“I’ll even put a ‘frigid’ symbol there north of the Great Lakes, as well as some lake effect snows in those areas," he says. 

As Hoffman paints the forecast picture for the rest of the month, he says November will end up being colder than normal for much of the Midwest. Then, December could bring near-normal temperatures to areas, but January looks to be below normal for temperatures across most of the country once again.