Preliminary Route Report from Western Tour Leader Jeff Wilson

What counties have you sampled from? 

Iowa: Mills (Crop District 7), Pottawattomie (7), Shelby (4) and Harrison (4)

Corn yield range/average:

126-210 bu. per acre; average of 158 bu. per acre

Soybean pod count range/average (in a 3’x3’ square): 

870-1,670 pods; average of 1,158 pods

Route comments: 

My shoes are wet, so that’s aiding the soybean crop. 

It does appear in the corn crop that there were some planting issues. It’s been variable on the two rows. Plant counts have been erratic as well—anywhere from 72 to 114 in 60 foot of row. Corn plant health is pretty good. Starting to see a bit of disease slip in. Some of these rains could cause some late-season grain-fill problems.

The most interesting story on maturity is that in our second field of the day we had a field where 50% was in dough, 25% had pollinated in last three weeks and 25% had just pollinated or had not yet. Overall, the crop is behind, but this is southwest Iowa—a normal freeze date should not be a big threat. 

Soybeans are probably a week behind, but they are still the furthest along of what we’ve seen on Tour. Beans are starting to plump up in the pods. Today’s rains should be a good omen those pods that are there will fill with full-size beans by harvest. 

The one caveat for both crops is they both need a lot more sunlight to reach maturity ahead of any hard freeze.

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