Precision Laboratories Expands Water Optimizer Line With Stretta

Precision Laboratories introduces its fifth irrigation water optimizer: Stretta. 

The company says it’s the first plant-derived optimizer with fertilizer compatibility, including ammonium or potassium thiosulfate, ammonium nitrate, urea solutions, UAN, and phosphate-based fertilizers.

“We are excited to launch a product that is completely fertilizer compatible,” says Rob Osburn, Technical & Commercial Product Manager for Precision. “Stretta fits easily into a wide range of grower irrigation and cropping practices and will provide an excellent return on investment to the grower.”

Stretta is designed to improve availability of irrigation water, nutrients, and other soil-applied products in the plant’s root zone. 

The use rate is 2 quarts per acre at crop establishment and every four weeks to crop harvest, with a preferred application method through drip tubes, tapes, micro emitters or overhead sprinklers.