Prairie Sky Seed expanded conditioning facility

Prairie Sky Seed is a growing family-owned company that produces wheat, oats, triticale, peas and cover crops. At the Hemingford, Neb. operation, Prairie Sky Seed partnered with Weitz to develop a fully automated seed conditioning facility equipped to clean, size, treat and package primarily wheat and oats.

Brad Hansen, operating officer of Prairie Sky Seed, had a clear vision of what he wanted the new facility to do, according to Weitz. "Product quality and productivity are key components for our business growth, said Hansen.

Prior to the development of the Hemingford, Neb. facility, equipment was a limiting factor for Prairie Sky Seed, as production was constrained to only conditioning 100,000 bushels of wheat per year. Through the first six months of operation in their new facility, Prairie Sky Seed has conditioned more than 600,000 bushels of wheat.

The new facility's capacity is 500 bushels per hour (BPH) and is designed to allow upgrade to 1,000 BPH by installing a second conditioning line.

One of the most important factors for Prairie Sky Seed was having the facility online by wheat harvest, which condensed the construction timeline; therefore, Weitz had to begin construction without a 100 percent completed design.

The biggest concern on the project was the schedule. Prairie Sky Seed's goal was to be fully operational by wheat harvest. Weitz provided a design-build solution with the ability to start construction without a 100 percent completed design.


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