Planting Struggles Pull Down Yield Potential In Minnesota

As scouts made their way into Minnesota on the Pro Farmer Midwest Crop Tour, they found immature, nitrogen-deficient corn and disappointing soybeans.

“In southwest Minnesota, there’s clear evidence of late planting, some delayed corn development and nitrogen deficiencies,” says Jeff Wilson, leader of the western leg of the tour. “Plenty of fields across southern Minnesota show that neon-green signature of lost nitrogen. Several large whole fields were likely claimed as prevent plant acres across the region. The yields we measured on our fields turned out to be slightly better than feared from the outside, but still generally below normal.”


Planting timing was everything this year in Minnesota, and farmers who missed the perfect window might miss out on bushels.

“Soybean pod counts were highly variable, with later-planted beans seeming to have done a little better than early planted beans,” Wilson says.

Preliminary Route Report from Western Tour Leader Jeff Wilson

What counties have you sampled from? MN: Martin (District 8), Jackson (District 7), Faribault (District 8)

Corn yield range: 157 bu. per acre to 231 bu. per acre

Corn yield average: 183 bu. per acre

Soybean pod count range (in a 3’x3’): 660 pods to 1,265 pods

Soybean pod count average (in 3’x3’): 1,063 pods