For Plant Health, the Best Defense Is a Good Offense

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Growers are always optimistic to get ahead of the challenges of the previous year. As retailers, you are always looking for ways to help them make the right decisions to reach their full potential.

Each grower may have their own definition of success, but no matter where they live, growers need to develop a crop management plan that has a good defense and a good offense. When it comes to crop protection, this includes recommending certain fungicides such as many of those with the active ingredient, pyraclostrobin, as not only a means of managing disease, but also as a way to improve Plant Health to defend against environmental stress throughout the growing season.

When it comes to a good defense, it is important to remember diseases can damage yield potential before they are easily detected. Pay special attention to fields that are historically disease prone, are not rotated regularly between different crops, or that are no-till or minimum-till. Those fields will need additional management to control diseases. Additionally, with increased instances of diseases such as northern corn leaf blight, gray leaf spot and multiple types of leaf blight, making fungicide applications part of the integrated pest management plan for next year is increasingly important.

Applying Priaxor® fungicide in soybean or pairing Priaxor fungicide with Headline® AMP fungicide in corn helps crops reach their full genetic potential. These two BASF fungicide and Plant Health products, in addition to protecting from disease, enhance photosynthesis in plants and create more energy in the reproductive stages. This can lead to higher yield potential even when environmental stresses, such as hot and dry weather conditions, negatively impact the growth of the plant. The more energy the crop has available, the better it can fight off diseases that can impact growth efficiency all season long.

Advising growers to add a preventive fungicide application to their crop protection plan before a disease is visually present is not only a good solution to the grower, but for you as well. Plants can stay healthier and greener longer, which helps them reach their optimal yield potential. Offering the best disease control and Plant Health advice to growers shows your commitment to making every dollar count in their field — helping you to gain both their trust and dollars season after season.

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