Planning Ahead for Soybean Plant Stress

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Growers watched the yield monitors as they harvested their soybeans to see which fields exceeded expectations and which fields still require attention. With a new year on the horizon, now is the time to finalize plans and prepare, giving growers the chance to finalize their purchasing decisions.

As this year’s results are fresh in grower’s minds, they will be looking at the applications they made last season to determine whether or not they paid off. When it comes to measuring the yield response of a specific input, having a product like Priaxor® fungicide that provides a positive yield response 92 percent of the time1 gives a grower reassurance when making their crop protection plan.

For proven disease control and Plant Health benefits to improve yield potential, soybean growers look to Priaxor® fungicide which provides best-in-class disease control, increased growth efficiency and increased stress tolerance. This performance is a result of the chemistry in Priaxor fungicide that continuously distributes it throughout the leaf to help deliver the ultimate in long-lasting disease protection. To help illustrate its performance to growers, this video on Growth Efficiency may help.

Another factor that growers may take into account as they plan for the upcoming year is a plant’s ability to produce more under stressed conditions. When looking at ways to achieve that level of optimization, Plant Health is a major component.

Stress such as short-term drought, heat and disease cause a plant to reduce the amount of energy it puts toward yield and shifts it to plant survival. When plants are able to transform the energy from the sun into energy for the plant more efficiently — even during a stressful time in the growing season —growers are able to protect yield potential all season long, giving plants the fuel for maximum yield potential and a consistent return on investment for the next year.

Growers have a number of decisions to make this time of year and it’s your job to provide them the best products that give them the best return on their investment. Using the end of harvest to plan accordingly allows the grower to add the purchase of Priaxor fungicide to their crop protection system.

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Always read and follow label directions.
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1Priaxor for Soybeans Technical Information Bulletin. 2012–2015. Summary of all on farm trials. Priaxor fungicide 4 fl oz/A. Applications R1-R4 with the majority at R3. Consistency = % of trials when the Priaxor fungicide treatment out yielded the UTC. Retrieved December 18, 2017.


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