Pivot Bio Expands Sales Distribution

After a limited launch last year, Pivot Bio is expanding its sales of Pivot Bio Proven for the 2020 growing season with 175 sales reps and increased production. 

“Last year, we sold direct to the farmer moving enough product for nearly 15,000 acres,” explains Mark Reisinger, senior director of commercial operations at Pivot Bio. “And we sold out in 45 days. This year, we are going to market with a much bigger supply and expanded sales network.” 

Pivot Bio Proven is a product targeting the corn belt. 

Reisinger explains Pivot Bio Proven is the first of its kind nitrogen-producing microbial product, which has an approved label in 33 states. In field testing, the company says the microbial product can replace 25 lb. to 40 lb. of synthetic nitrogen in corn production. 

“This product has an 80% win rate. The microbes in Pivot Bio Proven produce ammonia which is readily available to the corn plant,” he says. “It’s applied at 1/10 of a gallon per acre for in-furrow application. And the microbes are highly compatible with pop up fertilizers, although there are some exceptions with high salt mixes.” 

Reisinger does note that product handling and stewardship is important to maintain the maximum efficacy of the microbes. The product must be stored between 32 and 60 degrees, for example. 

“We want to significantly increase the amount of nitrogen we are deploying through microbes to help growers eliminate or change their nitrogen application practices,” he says. 

One advantage farmers who have found success with Pivot Bio Proven note is using the product helps reduce exposure to variable nitrogen prices, and it brings some stability to their fertilizer costs. 

Pivot Bio Proven is being produced in Witchita, Kan., and the company delivers the product direct to the grower.