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Proven 7.9Reduce the Cost of Synthetic Nitrogen? Reduce the Amount of Synthetic Fertilizer? ... and Achieve the Same or Better Yields?

Is it possible? Is it true? Who has tried it?

Can the new nitrogen application, Pivot Bio PROVEN™, really live up to what the company is saying?

Farmer and Farm Journal TV and radio personality, Andrew McCrea, had the same questions. Curiosity got the best of him so he decided to see for himself if the claims are true that Pivot Bio PROVEN™ is making. 

On May 9, he put in three test plots of corn using Pivot Bio PROVEN™ in one of those plots on his northwest Missouri farmland.

Andrew invites you to follow along as he details his real- life experience with Pivot Bio PROVEN™ in this article. He also encourages you to come back to this page often for regular updates.  

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thumbUpdate: Pivot Bio PROVEN™ Test Plot

The new nitrogen application product with the tagline —“The nitrogen that stays put, weather or not.”— caught the attention of farmer/rancher and Farm Journal TV and radio personality, Andrew McCrea. 

Andrew has an inquisitive nature so on May 9 he planted corn in a test plot on his northwest Missouri farm. It was applied in-furrow with 10-34-0 starter fertilizer. Six days after the corn was planted, 3 1/2 inches of rain poured down in a two-hour period. On June 15, 60 pounds of nitrogen was applied over the top of the crop along with Aspire.

The photos above were taken seven weeks after planting. Andrew plans to conduct a root dig soon to see firsthand the benefits of Pivot Bio PROVEN™ and share his findings on this page.

All in all, three test plots were put in for side-by-side comparisons. Read the full story here.


June Proven ThumnCombining Tried and True with the New – A Farmer’s Perspective

Farmers have certain agronomic practices they use year after year that bring value on a consistent basis. However, they also keep an open mind on how to combine the tried and true with the new ways of growing crops. In his own words, farmer Andrew McCrea talks about a new nitrogen application for corn and how it’s a good fit with his long-standing practices.

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Andrew Video ThumbWhy Pivot Bio PROVEN™ is a Big Game Changer

Find out why farmer/rancher and Farm Journal TV and radio personality, Andrew McCrea, considers Pivot Bio PROVEN™ to be a big game changer for growers. In this video, Andrew explains how adding the right nitrogen product to your fields can minimize the negative impact of Mother Nature. Spoiler Alert: It’s the nitrogen that stays put, weather or not.

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Proven ThumbnailProof of Pivot Bio PROVEN™

Follow Andrew McCrea as he conducts a test plot of Pivot Bio PROVEN™ on his family farm. In his own words, Andrew outlines the steps he’s taken to test this new product from Pivot Bio. Six days after the corn was planted, 3 1/2 inches of rain poured down in a two-hour period so Andrew is eager to see how Pivot Bio PROVEN™ holds up. “The nitrogen that stays put, weather or not” is being put to the test.

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Proven ThumbChoose a Field Partner with a Scientific Background

As a producer, you deserve a partner in the field that is backed by research and science. A partner that brings an innovative approach to your nutrient applications and has a history of proven success.

A partner that stays put, even in a rainy season.

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Harvest Meet the nitrogen that won’t leave you — rain or shine.

“We saw greater than a 30 bushel per acre response from the Pivot Bio PROVEN™ product.” Read more thumbs-up reviews from growers who have used the nitrogen that stays put, weather or not"

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ProvenBring on the rain. There's a nitrogen application that can battle through.

The 2019 planting season was one most growers want to forget. Heavy rainfalls last year created challenging situations, to say the least. However, there is a nitrogen source that helps farmers thrive during those tough seasons. A product that stays put, weather or not.
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Commodity ClassicWeather or Not: An Overview of the Nitrogen that Withstands Mother Nature

Watch as Andrew McCrea, a farmer/rancher and a Farm Journal TV and radio personality, interviews Ernie Sanders, vice-president of product development for Pivot Bio. Sanders gives an overview on how Pivot Bio PROVEN™ adds nitrogen to your corn and the best way to use it for your operation. Pivot Bio PROVEN™ … a winner … weather or not.
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How Proven WorksHow Pivot Bio PROVEN™ Works 

For decades, farmers have applied nitrogen to their fields as a critical part of their crop nutrition program. Enter Pivot Bio PROVEN™, the first commercially available microbial product that captures nitrogen from the air, converts it to a form corn can use and applies it to the corn plant directly, every day of the growing season.
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Farming the countryside Pivot Bio 0Podcasts: Farming the Countryside with Andrew McCrea

Hear Andrew McCrea, a farmer-ranch and Farm Journal TV and radio personality, as he presents farmer-to-farmer conversations focusing on best practices to boost yields. You’ll learn what’s working – and what’s not – in fields across farm country.

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