Pen-and-paper crop scouting becoming obsolete

In 2013, tractors can practically drive themselves, and farmers tweet up to five times a day, but crop scouting is still done with pen and paper. This technology gap in the ag industry costs farmers and retailers time and money.

Now, thanks to a new software solutions company, Rev!Co, crop scouting joins the digital age, offering farmers and their retailers the ability to electronically scout and record common crop issues. In real time. In one single application. The company's scouting application, Rev!ID, provides consultants and field scouts one central tool and field reference that leverages integration of the farmer or retailers precision ag field boundary data.

Rev!ID hit the market May 1, 2013. It's the first mobile-all-in-one scouting tool with capabilities to scout more than 300 crops. The app also has a reference library of more than 1,500 issue types. Farmers, retailers, crop consultants and field scouts can work independently or together and collaborate via Rev!ID for synchronized records.

With its powerful tools and timesaving functionality, Rev!ID enhances the value of field scouting in the 21st century. 

Rev!Co partners with SST Software
Rev!Co works with some of the most innovative and influential technology companies in the world. One partner is SST Software, the leader in agricultural information management.

The Rev!Co scouting app, Rev!ID leverages the power of SST's agX issue and crop taxonomy data to drive the recording of field-level issues and disorders. In addition, within the iPad app, users can automatically sync with boundary providers such as SST Software through the Rev!ID open API. Users can also draw their own field boundary lines or upload .shp files.

"Today, retailers and consultants use multiple files to manage records about farm fields," said Mark Green, Vice President, Rev!Co. "With Rev!ID, we deliver value to the retailer in two specific ways - we integrate existing SST Summit field boundaries capturing scouting data on the same field boundaries that the retailer services the farmer. And two, the scouting data can be an important input to the operational analysis for the farmer by the retailer's precision ag departments."

Geared for success
Connected with the Rev!Co retailer management software platform, Rev!Matic, retailer field sales consultants now have a real-time view of what is happening on and around the fields of their customers, and can take immediate action or see what was ordered to resolve a scouting issue.

Users can take pictures of scouting events with their mobile device and create field-specific reports. Then, they can email results back to the retail office, applicators and farmers.

Rev!ID also uses its own "Wiktionary" photo and reference tool to harness the power of groupthink. With this tool, users can cross-check photos and diagnoses from the palm of the hand.

All data is stored on a secured Rev!ID Web management site. Users can set up collaborators for shared scouting events, manage multiple accounts and users and invoicing, track issues, edit and customize reports, download and share.

Rev!ID can be downloaded today from the iTunes store. It costs $.01 per acre and $25.00 per month. To get started, visit and create an account, or call 888-721-1971.