Partners in the Cornfield

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When it comes to nutrient applications, producers are looking for a proven partner in the field. One that has both science and a history of success to back it up. And one that also brings an innovative approach with it. 

When it comes to withstanding extremely wet and rainy seasons, Pivot Bio PROVEN™ is what you want as your right-hand nutrient application. This innovative application takes nitrogen out of the air and, through the use of microbes, makes ammonia. Microbes live on the roots of corn and feed a daily dose of ammonia that’s equivalent to about 25 pounds of nitrogen per acre.

You want that partner to work, weather or not.

In 2019, finding a nitrogen source that would remain stable throughout the season was important, yet hard to find. “You needed something that would stay put, weather or not,” says Ernie Sanders, vice-president of product development for Pivot Bio. Sanders spent 37 years at Monsanto with positions in technology and research. He came to Pivot Bio because of the great promise he saw in the technology the company is bringing to farm fields.

Sanders says he truly sees his work as a “partnership” between Pivot Bio and each farmer. “We have been on the farm with every producer that has used our product,” he says. By talking with growers, he’s seen several ways Pivot Bio PROVEN™ has been incorporated into corn systems. “There’s a set of growers that have reduced their synthetic nitrogen by 25 pounds and they are yielding just as much with our product as if they had applied an additional 25 [pounds of nitrogen].”

Pivot Bio PROVEN™ is a relatively new product in the field, but its impact has already been noticed. It represents new technology allowing corn plants to produce nitrogen on their roots during the growing season. Find out more about Pivot Bio PROVEN™ at


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