Panther Pro Trial Program Results

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Panther Pro provides excellent residual control, complementing burndown herbicides in a tankmix or with a sequential application. An Ohio State University research plot photo (taken June 26, 2018) from the Western Agricultural Research Center shows excellent control of marestail, giant ragweed and grasses with a preplant tankmix of Spitfire (20 oz./A), Credit Xtreme (32 oz./A) and Panther Pro (15 oz./A) followed by Credit Xtreme (32 oz./A)applied post over the top.  

Powerful Weed Control Program

Nufarm offers a suite of solutions for weed control. A program with burndown, residual and post applications can help keep fields clean up to canopy closure. Learn more about the products featured in this trial products and more at

Spitfire provides true below-ground burndown of tough weeds

Credit Xtreme delivers powerful performance as a dual-salt technology glyphosate

Panther Pro is a 3-way liquid flumioxazin premix, providing outstanding residual control, plus convenience


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