Paid-In-Full Cover Crop Program Available

Cover Crop ( Sonja Begemann )

Stine Seed and Peoples Company are partnering to offer landowners a paid-in-full, managed cover crop program. Their goal is to show landowners it’s possible to both protect the environmentally sensitive areas, maximize yield on productive acres, and improve return on investment.

"I've always believed that since a significant amount of land is rented, an effective strategy to reduce environmental impact and maximize yields should be targeted at land owners,” said Peoples Company President Steve Bruere. “Our program will show landowners it's possible to reduce environmental impact while increasing productivity.”

The program is named the Sustainability Cover Crop Initiative and is available to landowners in Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri and Nebraska for a three-year term. To participate in the program, valued at up to $30 per acre, landowners must agree to have their land professionally managed by Peoples company during the three-year term and commit to planting Stine Seed.

Landowners can start the program during the 2019 growing season and available for new land management accounts with Peoples Company—up to 10,000 acres total for the program. For landowners, it’s a 120 acre minimum, 500 acre maximum with cover crop seed and application decisions to be made by land management professionals. For more information visit