One Farmer’s Journey From The Funeral Home To The Farm

Andrew Hartshorn grows corn, rice, soybeans and is expanding into cattle this summer. ( Farm Journal )

Andrew Hartshorn’s childhood was as similar to yours as it was different. He grew up in a small town where everybody knew his name. He played community sports and participated in extra-curricular activities. Sound familiar? Except, for Hartshorn, the family business was a funeral home.

When Hartshorn first met his now father-in-law who he affectionately calls Mr. Phillip, he learned all he needed to know to fall in love with farming and the lifestyle it could offer his family. That was enough to solidify not returning to the funeral home business and through a long and winding path, which included a failed rice crop, Hartshorn would eventually become a successful farmer. Although if you ask him, nobody is a success until it’s time to pass the farm to the next generation.  

On this episode of The First Years, Hartshorn shares his story. Listen below.


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