Ohio State Extension Provides 3 Resources For Spring 2019 FAQs

More farmers are considering corn-after-corn or continuous soybeans ( Darrell Smith & Lindsey Benne )

In response to the conditions and options in front of farmers this spring, the Ohio State University Extension has published three articles to answer commonly asked questions and provide resources for farmers. 

1.    Prevent Plant…What’s That Again?
This article includes details, procedures and deadlines for the Prevent Plant crop insurance tool. It highlights an important note, there are costs besides the premium that are associated with Prevent Plant including: ‘restocking fees’ associated with returned seed or other inputs, year-long weed control costs, costs if using cover crops, labor & management costs even though the land wasn’t ‘farmed,’ opportunity costs (marketing) missed.

2.    What Prevented Planting Decision Tools Are Available?
There’s an aggregation and review of two of the interactive tools available as farmers weight their Prevent Plant decisions. 

3.    What Are the Profit Scenarios For Corn vs. Soybeans With Delayed Planting
This article walks through three scenarios factoring in planting date, input costs, potential yields, market prices.